SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: GREAT-ESF workshop on Open Clusters and Young Associations, Catania 13-14 May 2010

GREAT-ESF Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training - European Science


"Ground-based observations and theoretical analysis for the Gaia Science on
Open Clusters and Young Associations"

13 - 14 May 2010, Museo Diocesano di Catania, Italy

Organised by:
Astrophysics Section, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania 
INAF - Catania Astrophysical Observatory

This workshop will gather together scientists engaged in preparing the
research field of stellar Open Clusters and Young Associations for the
arrival of data from the ESA cornerstone mission Gaia. The main purpose of
the meeting is to discuss scientific goals that can be fulfilled by
combining Gaia data with existing or new surveys and the theoretical
developments required to analyse and interpret this vast and detailed amount
of observations. 

Session topics:
* Stellar structure and evolution
* Star formation
* Stellar angular momentum evolution and magnetic fields
* Open clusters as tracers of the formation and evolution of the thin disk
* Open clusters internal structure and interaction with the Galaxy
* Ground-based surveys on Open Clusters and Young Associations

Invited Speakers:
Leo Girardi
Francesco Palla
Angela Bragaglia
Nestor Sanchez
Ansgar Reiners
Janet Drew

Full Programme:

Registration is now closed. List of Participants at

Scientific Organising Committee: 
Rob Jeffries,
Alessandro Lanzafame,
Emilio Javier Alfaro Navarro,
Timo Prusti,
Sofia Randich,
Antonella Vallenari,

Local Organising Committee: 
Alessandro Lanzafame,
Daniela Domina,
Gina Santagati

For further details see or contact
ocya2010 at

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