GREAT Plenary Meeting - 29-30 June 2010 - Registration Reminder

Dear All,

the next GREAT plenary meeting will be held at ESTEC, ESA, Noordwijkk, NL - later this month - 29+30 June 2010. For details see the ESTEC meeting page at and the registration page at

The agenda is now being finalised and will cover:

a) status updates on the Gaia project - the mission and the data processing consortium DPAC.

b) updates concerning the activities, current and future, of the GREAT working groups

c) updates from new initiatives organised between the working groups - such as the GREAT Chemo-Dynamical Survey (GCDS).

d) information and updates on the range of Gaia GREAT workshops and conferences coming up in the next year.

The meeting will also give an opportunity for attendees and representatives of the GREAT working groups to discuss and develop, in the breakout sessions, new initiatives to bring forward in the year for further development.

The Plenary is a good opportunity to get up to date with developments around the Gaia science community. Thus if you plan on attending please register soon - the deadline being Tues 15th June 2010.

Looking forward to seeing you in ESTEC


Nic Walton

Dr Nicholas A. Walton
Institute of Astronomy          Tel:   +44 1223 337503
University of Cambridge         Fax:   +44 1223 337523
Madingley Road                  WWW:
Cambridge, CB3 0HA              email: naw at

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