Gaia GREAT Plenary Meeting (PM4): Brussels 21-23 June 2011 - 2nd Announcement

Dear All,

this is the second announcement for the next GREAT plenary meeting which will take place at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium - Tues 21 to Thur 23 June 2011.

Full details can be found at: - where you will also find the link to the registration page and the current programme and agenda details. Note that there are capacity constraints on the meeting rooms, thus please register soon if you plan to attend - the latest date for registration is Fri 10 June 2011.

The meeting will focus on the following key topics:

a) *Announcement of the Gaia science data releases:* including a presentation as to content and likely time line for those data releases. This will include presentations from ESA and the DPAC as to the nature of these data releases - and thus will be of interest to those planning to make early use of Gaia data.

b) *Update on the progress of the Gaia mission:* highlighting developments relevant to those in the wider community aiming to scientifically exploit Gaia. (see

c) Presentations from *upcoming ESA astronomy missions* aiming to make use of Gaia data (e.g. Euclid, Plato).

d) *Updates on the GREAT spectroscopic survey initiatives:* this will include reports on progress with planning for very large ESO 8-m surveys and also developments concerning proposed new instruments for VISTA and the WHT.

e) Discussion of the *evolution of the GREAT network* and review of the ESF funded network in 2011. This will also include reports from recent GREAT supported meetings (see There will also be an introduction to the new GREAT-ITN network.

f) Within *parallel discussions* decide on plans for specific networking activities to support the work of the various science working groups. (

To indicate your attendance (registration is free) please visit the local meeting page at

The current agenda is on the meeting wiki page at and the list of attendees at

Note - that this year there are some (limited) funds available to support attendance of PhD students to the meeting - please contact Nic Walton (naw at for further details.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Brussels.

Nicholas Walton

(on behalf of the GREAT plenary organising committee)

Dr Nicholas A. Walton
Institute of Astronomy          Tel:   +44 1223 337503
University of Cambridge         Fax:   +44 1223 337523
Madingley Road                  WWW:
Cambridge, CB3 0HA              email: naw at

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