REMINDER: Abstracts due 8th March 2017!: Gaia GREAT Plenary Meeting (PM10) @ EWASS 2017: Prague, Czech Republic, 26-27 June 2017

Dear All,

If you plan to attend the next Gaia/GREAT meeting at the EWASS 2017 -
please remember to submit your presentation abstract soon - deadline is
Weds 8th March 2017.

Please see


Anthony Brown, Timo Prusti, Nicholas Walton

(on behalf of the GREAT plenary organising committee)

Nicholas A Walton wrote on 09/02/2017 08:58:
> Dear All,
> This is the first announcement for the next GREAT plenary meeting which 
> will take place within the EAS European Week of Astronomy and Space 
> Science (EWASS) in Prague, Czech Republic, 26 - 30 June 2017.
> See the EWASS pages at
> The Plenary is consituted as a full EWASS Science Symposium (no. 2 - 
>  The GREAT Symposium 
> will run 26 - 27 June 2017.
> Registration is handled directly through the EWASS pages at 
>  with early registration 
> closing 26 Apr 2017. (After that date - the registration fee rises - 
> details on the registration page).  NOTE: For those of you who are quick 
> - there is a VERY early registration rate - closes Friday 10th Feb!
> The Symposium nature of the Plenary allows for interested individuals 
> and groups to present new results and plans from activities carried out 
> within the context of Gaia and the GREAT working groups and related 
> activities.
> This last year saw the first release of Gaia data (Gaia-DR1 released Sep 
> 2016). The key goals of our symposium will for the community to present 
> first results from the initial Gaia DR1, for the Gaia project to provide 
> the science community with the latest scientific and technical 
> performance of Gaia, to look ahead to the second release of Gaia data, 
> scheduled for April 2018, and to give the community the opportunity to 
> present their activities carried out by and in the Gaia/GREAT community 
> in preparation for future Gaia data releases.
> We also have one session devoted to Gaia and synergies with radio 
> astrometry.
> At this stage all those wishing to present are invited to signup with 
> some details of their talk or poster presentation idea.
> Please, first, submit your abstract into the EWASS system (which keeps 
> track of abstracts across all the various meetings going on that week). 
> You'll find this page at 
> ... and then ...
> there is a page for each of the themed sessions linked from the meeting 
> wiki at
> Thus, choose which session most fits your presentation topic and add 
> your abstract to the page at:
> Gaia DR1: Highlight Science - Session 1
> Gaia / GREAT Status - Session 2
> Gaia DR1 science - Session 3
> Gaia networking, synergies with other surveys - Session 4
> Upcoming Gaia DR2 and Gaia Processing - Session 5
> Special session: synergies with radio astrometry - Session 6
> Adding your abstracts in this way to the wiki, helps all to see what 
> sort of talks are being submitted to the GREAT plenary!
> All submissions received by *8th March 2017* will be considered, with 
> the final programme being drawn up and published by 10th April 2017.
> The outline agenda (and eventual full programme) is on the meeting wiki 
> page at
> Note - the EAS provide some support to attend the meeting - for details 
> of that please see   - look under 'Grant 
> Request' for the EWASS2017 meeting. Deadline for requesting that support 
> is 8th March 2017.
> Looking forward to seeing you all in La Laguna later in the year.
> Anthony Brown, Timo Prusti, Nicholas Walton
> (on behalf of the GREAT plenary organising committee)

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