Gaia Data Access - Call for Gaia-DR3 User Scenarios: NOW OPEN

Dear All,

*Gaia Data Access - Call for Gaia-DR3 User Scenarios: NOW OPEN*

With the recent release of Gaia-DR2 (Apr 2018), the community is now
asked to review the current set of Data Access Scenarios, and submit new
data access scenarios, which will be considered for future
implementation to support the development of the Gaia Archive system in
the release of Gaia-DR3 and the following Gaia-DR4 release. The page gives an indication of the
range of Gaia data products currently planned for release in the
upcoming Data Releases.

Your help in describing how you wish to access the Gaia Data through the
ESA Gaia archive and/or other access points is very valuable in helping
the Gaia project develop and deploy the best possible interfaces and
tools to help you, the science community, access and work with the Gaia

This call is open until December 2018. Please see the GREAT wiki page at for details as to
how to add new scenarios.

*Survey on the use of Data-Link for Light Curve Access*

A novel interface for distributing light curves has been introduced in
Gaia Data Release 2. The infrastructure used is based on a combination
of the DataLink Virtual Observatory protocol and an ad-hoc web service -
see this tutorial page at
for further details. We have created a survey in order to collect user
experience on this interface, and gather requirements for its evolution
toward the Data Release 3 and beyond. The survey can be accessed at the
following link:

Feedback on the use of Data-Link is valuable in planning and preparing
for publication of larger numbers of light curves in future Gaia Data

Looking forward to your input.


Nicholas Walton, Anthony Brown and Alcione Mora
(on behalf of the Gaia DPAC) 

Dr Nicholas A. Walton
Institute of Astronomy          Tel:   +44 1223 337503
University of Cambridge         Fax:   +44 1223 337523
Madingley Road                  WWW:
Cambridge, CB3 0HA              email: naw at

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