MW-Gaia WG4 Workshop - Nice - 4-6 Dec 2019 - REGISTRATION OPEN

*WG4 WORKSHOP - "ASTROMETRY and GRAVITATION - **A dynamical view of the

*4-6 December 2019 - Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, Mont Gros site,
Nice, France


*---> Registration deadline: October 16, 2019*

We are please to announce the opening of the registration for this
3-days workshop.

We will review the impact of the ultra-precise astrometry by Gaia, on
our understanding of astro-dynamics, in different domains: binary stars,
black holes, galactic dynamics, and solar system.

The format of the workshop is based on invited reviews and contributed
talks, and
dedicated discussion sessions on hot science topics.

_Binary stars_: Gaia astrometry of binary stars allow precise
determination of stellar masses, an essential ingredient in astronomy,
as well as the precise calibration of the first steps of the cosmic
distance ladder. When applied to wide binaries, it also allows testing
gravity theories.

_Black holes_: Binary super-massive black holes (SMBH) are important in
the framework of galaxy evolution models, but also as potential
gravitational wave emitters. Recent analysis of the superb astrometry by
VLBI and Gaia found an offset between their centroids in super massive
black holes (SMBH). Binary SMBH, recoiling SMBH, VLBI jet components are
candidate explanations.

_Galactic dynamics_: Gaia changed our understanding of the dynamical
interactions of the Galactic disc and halo, revealing their rich
history. The impact of satellite accretion on the disc and the
interpretation of the disc complex kinematic signatures are crucial
challenges for Galactic dynamical studies.

_Solar System_: The accuracy of asteroid astrometry by Gaia and its
peculiar properties challenge the traditional approach to orbit
computation, but can give access to measurements of Yarkovsky in the
Main Belt and a better determination of asteroid masses, providing new
constraints to the evolution of the population of small bodies.

_Support to Attendees_
There is some funding available to support participant travel and
accommodation costs. Our MW-Gaia Action is following the COST
organisation's inclusiveness policies - see
- and will evaluate requests for support against these criteria and the
applicants statement as to why their attendance at the workshop will be
beneficial to them and/or the other workshop participants.

When registering participants are asked to indicate if they wish to be
considered for financial support. If so they need to attach a short 200
word giving an indication of their research interests and why attendance
at the workshop will be beneficial to them (and/or the other attendees
of the workshop).

More details and registration page are available at the workshop page.
Jump there and REGISTER as soon as possible!

*The workshop is limited to a maximum of 40 participants.*

Paolo Tanga                              Astronome
Deputy director of Laboratoire Langrange / UMR 7293 
Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur           Tel  +33(0)492003042
Bv de l'Observatoire - CS 34229          Fax  +33(0)492003121
06304 Nice Cedex 4 - France    

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