Re: [capsicum] capsicum-linux codebase

Hi David:

Excellent news indeed!

I'd like to put up a note on the Capsicum website with a pointer to the work -- but a github front page is a bit uninspiring. The best answer is probably for me to create new pages on the Capsicum website providing up-to-date information about each OS port -- FreeBSD, Linux, Dragonfly, etc.

Do you mind if I go ahead and pretty much drop in your e-mail verbatim as a starting point?

Joris: I've CC'd you to ask if you wouldn't mind providing some similar high-level text and pointers I could add to a dragonfly.html.



On 22 Oct 2013, at 10:07, David Drysdale wrote:


As some of you know, I'm working on getting Capsicum working in the Linux kernel, based on the FreeBSD implementation and on previous work done by Meredydd Luff in his stint as a Google intern.

If anyone is interested in the details, the Git repo is now visible at:

This is still work in progress, but I've merged Meredydd's work up to a more recent kernel (3.11.1), and I'm slowly converging on functional equivalence to FreeBSD 9.x -- catching up with Pawel et al's more recent work will come later.

Along the way, I've also separated out a bunch of user-space tests for the Capsicum syscall functionality into a separate repo at:

This combines both the FreeBSD test cases and Meredydd's test code with a few extras, but I've pulled it into a separate repo to make it easy to run on both Linux and FreeBSD, to allow cross-comparison.  It may potentially also be useful for other Capsicum port efforts (although as above, it's targeted at the level of function in FreeBSD 9.x, not 10.x).

Let me know if you have any questions,


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