Re: [isabelle] polyml 4.1.3 segfault on debian sid

> BTW, I followed the instructions at
> But it does not help either. I tried a little to build a new ML_dbase
> of polyml. But figured I do not have that much time. A lot to learn
> right now. :) I'd rather wait for an official fix. :)

I encountered similar problems with Debian Sarge, and the workaround
for polyml didn't work either. What I did was make SML of New Jersey
( the standard ML interpreter by installing it with
defaults and modifying /path/to/isabelle/etc/settings accordingly
(simply comment out all polyml related options and uncomment the smlnj
section). Finally, you just have to recompile the logics you are about
to use (most notably, HOL), see /path/to/isabelle/INSTALL. This takes
a while, but is really quite straightforward.

Hope this helps.

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