[isabelle] Announcement: (unofficial) Debian packages for Isabelle

Dear all,
I created (unofficial) Debian packages for

 - Isabelle 2005,
 - HOL-TestGen 1.1.1,
 - ProofGeneral 3.6pre,
 - x-symbol 4.51beta, and
 - sml/NJ 110.56.

Binary packages for the i386 architecture are available for the
distributions sarge (stable), etch (testing), and sid (unstable). The
source packages should compile without problems on all architectures
that are supported by sml/NJ. The packages register Isabelle in the
menu system and also register a mime-type for theory files,
i.e. clicking on a theory-file in your file browser should open
Isabelle. Further, if you use the upcomming Emacs 22, even drag and
drop of theories from the file-browser into Isabelle works :-)

The packages (and a short note how to install them) are available 


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