[isabelle] Announcement: IsaMorph 0.9 - a Linux Live CD with Isabelle 2005

Dear all,
I just released 
                    IsaMorph, version 0.9 

IsaMorph is a GNU/Linux Live CD (based on Morphix) featuring the
interactive theorem prover Isabelle. This means, you can boot from the
CD and get a fully operational "theorem proving" environment without
installing GNU/Linux or Isabelle.

IsaMorph contains a fully working Isabelle environment supporting proving 
and document generation, this includes:

- Isabelle, version 2005
- HOL-TestGen, version 1.1.1 
- Proof General, version 3.6pre,
- sml/NJ, version 110.56
- teTeX, version 2.0.2
- Other Applications (e.g. Web-Browser, ssh, etc)

You can download the iso-image from:

IsaMorph is based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. All programs
that are not in the standard Debian archive (e.g. Isabelle and
HOL-TestGen) are available at: http://www.brucker.ch/projects/debian/
Thus, you can install these programs easily on your home-made Debian


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