[isabelle] Seeking help on Isabelle

     I am a Ph.D student  of Jahangirnagar University. My research  field is Computer Science and my research topic is e-commerce. Sir, I have developed a model of divisible transferable e-cash with observer, which have to be verified with theorem prover. I have chosen Isabelle to prove my theory. But,  I  have to learn Isabelle to do this work. I have gone through a lot of papers on Isabelle available on internet. But, I didn't find any complete programming on Isabelle to run on my computer unlike Java or c++  . I also don't know how to declare variable befor running Isabelle. Sir, If you provide me a complete program on Isabelle and some  suggestions to let me know which things I have to read to learn primary steps of Isabelle to run it , it will be very helpful to me to continue my research.
     Sir, I am waiting for your kind reply.
                                     Thanking you,
                                      Israt Jahan
                                       Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Savar, Dhaka

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