[isabelle] novice problem


redoing my first steps in Isabelle ( I used it about 5 years ago, since then I was occupied with other stuff), I tried to play with the first example, the ToyList.thy.
But: Proofgeneral gives me the following information
"could not find theory file for Prelist in dir(s) "/home/dirk/isabelle/Test",".",$ISABELLE_HOME/src/HOL/Library"

I found the Prelist.thy in /usr/local/Isabelle/HOL and I copied it to /home/dirk/isabelle/Test

How to solve this "simple" problem ?

For the moment, Isabelle2004 is still installed on my linux-system. Do I have to uninstall it before installing the 2005 version ?


Dirk Van Heule
Duffelstraat 12, B 9890 Semmerzake
Tel. 09 - 384.82.53

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