[isabelle] AFP 2005

We are pleased to announce that the Archive of Formal Proofs has updated all 
entries to Isabelle2005.

The AFP now also includes new entries that were previously only available in 
the development snapshot:

* Fast Fourier Transform 
  by Clemens Ballarin 

* Jive Data and Store Model 
  by Nicole Rauch and Norbert Schirmer 

* Jinja is not Java 
  by Gerwin Klein and Tobias Nipkow 

* SHA1, RSA, PSS and more 
  by Christina Lindenberg and Kai Wirt 

Existing entry versions for older releases of Isabelle remain available.

Making use of the improved document generation in Isabelle 2005, all entries 
now provide a shorter proof outline (without proof scripts) next to the 
traditional full proof document.

We thank the authors for their contributions and hope that you continue to 
find the AFP a useful resource.

Gerwin Klein
Tobias Nipkow
Larry Paulson

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