Re: [isabelle] Installing SML/NJ 110.55 for Windows-Cygwin


>> After downloading the config.tgz for Unix and the necessary tarballs to
>> smlnj home directory, the installer "configure/" file doesn't
>> work on the Cygwinn. To begin with, I don't have "make" command on Cygwin.

Of course there comes a make with Cygwin - be sure to have selected in
the installer.

> I need to install Isabelle on my Windows XP laptop.
> To install SML/NJ 110 version, I have followed the install information
> on <> for Cygwin enviornment but
> couldn't sort it out.

Don't forget the "export SMLNJ_CYGWIN_RUNTIME=1"

In SMLNJ version 110.54 there was a cygwin bug, but since two days after
a fixing patch was available, I assume it is incorporated in 110.55.

Anyway, I suggest first to get Cygwin make and then try again.

Hope this helps


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