Re: [isabelle] Where is isatool usedir -H ?

Hi Nicole,

this has been enhanced in the development version (and also in the
upcoming Isabelle2005, of course). A short introduction:

> * Command tags control specific markup of certain regions of text, notably
> folding and hiding.  Predefined tags include "theory" (for theory begin
> and end), "proof" for proof commands, and "ML" for commands involving ML
> code; the additional tags "visible" and "invisible" are unused by
> default.  Users may give explicit tag specifications in the text, e.g.
> ''by %invisible (auto)''.  The interpretation of tags is determined by
> the LaTeX job during document preparation: see option -V of isatool
> usedir, or options -n and -t of isatool document, or even the LaTeX
> macros \isakeeptag, \isafoldtag, \isadroptag.
> Several document versions may be produced at the same time via isatool
> usedir (the generated index.html will link all of them).  Typical
> specifications include ''-V document=theory,proof,ML'' to present
> theory/proof/ML parts faithfully, ''-V outline=/proof,/ML'' to fold proof
> and ML commands, and ''-V mutilated=-theory,-proof,-ML'' to omit these
> parts without any formal replacement text.  The Isabelle site default
> settings produce ''document'' and ''outline'' versions as specified above.

> (This concept replaces the -H option of usedir.)

Hope this helps


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