[isabelle] converting to Isar format

Dear All:

I have always been using Isabelle 2004, and wrote all my theories
(basically, a collection of non-classical logics, in various formats)
for it.  Recently, though, I have installed the new distribution,
Isabelle 2005, for the first time.  The message I consistently receive
when trying to use my old theories, say, my theory "PROPOSICIONAL",

 Loading theory "PROPOSICIONAL"
 ### Non-Isar file format for theory "PROPOSICIONAL" -- deprecated
 *** Undeclared class: "logic"
 *** in arity for type "o"
 Exception- ERROR raised
 Exception- ERROR raised

Is there a set of simple rules for translating old theories to the
Isar file format?  I have seen a few comments about the new headers at
the Isabelle web-site and comments about the "rules" section
transforming into "axioms".  Is that all?  Can anyone give me hints to
ease the conversion?

Thanx in advance!  Best,
Joao Marcos

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