Re: [isabelle] BUG: poly-ml dumps core (polyml 4.1.4, Isabelle2005, AWE 0.4)

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Thomas Bleher wrote:

> I can get polyml to dump core using the attached files.  I'm using 
> Isabelle2005, polyml 4.1.4 (downloaded from the Isabelle home page) and 
> AWE 0.4

> I didn't know where best to post this bug; if this is the wrong place 
> please let me know.

This looks like a genuine problem of Poly/ML 4.1.4 (which is just 4.2.0 
with a few back-patches).  You may want to report this on the polyml 
mailing list, or just try the forthcoming Poly/ML 5.0 right now:

Then you will also need proper ML compatibility wrappers for Isabelle2005:


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