Re: [isabelle] Axclass info

On Tue, 7 Feb 2006, Sean McLaughlin wrote:

> I'm trying to get an (sml) hold of the axclass_info for each class, as 
> defined in axclass.ML.  Unfortunately, it looks as if this info is 
> hidden by the sig ascription.  Is there another way to get this info? If 
> not, would it be possible to extend the signature to allow me to get a 
> handle to, eg.  AxclassesData?

Didn't we have this issue last month already?  Just use AxClass.get_info 
(of Isabelle2005).

Anyway, what happened to your project to move on to Isabelle2005?  It 
should be quite trivial if you just download everything from the Isabelle 
site (including Poly/ML binaries).


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