[isabelle] installation of Isabelle2004

I'm trying to run and/or rebuild Isabelle2004 following upgrading to PolyML 4.1.4.

But the values reported by build, such as ML_SYSTEM etc, don't get set.

This is apparently something to do with the etc/settings file, which I notice differs between Isabelle2004 and 2005, but is (so far as the PolyML portion is concerned) equally incomprehensible in both.

How do I fix either the etc/settings file or my PolyML installation
(at present it is

jeremy at scooter:~$ ls -l polyml
lrwxrwxrwx 1 jeremy users 12 Jan 3 15:36 polyml -> polyml-4.1.4

jeremy at scooter:~$ cd polyml
jeremy at scooter:~/polyml$ ls */*
x86-linux/DB420.i386.unix x86-linux/ML_dbase x86-linux/README x86-linux/poly
to make Isabelle2004 work?



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