Re: [isabelle] Finding a rule

See the Tutorial, Section 3.1.11, Finding Theorems

In short, click on "Find", then type a series of constants or patterns in the minibuffer.


On 8 Feb 2006, at 19:32, John Ridgway wrote:

Friends -

I use Isabelle/Isar with ProofGeneral, and I feel sure that at one time I knew how to find all of the rules/theorems that matched a certain goal. I can no longer figure out how to do this. Can somebody help me out? I'm sure that I'll feel really stupid when I get the answer, but that's OK.

Isabelle 2005, ProofGeneral 3.6pre051004, xemacs 21.4 (patch 17), MacOS 10.4.4.

- John

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