Re: [isabelle] nested \<^bsub> .. \<^esub>

Dear Hidetsune,

In X-symbol, I need nested \<^bsub>...\<^ bsub>...\<^esub>...\<^esub> and \<^bsub>...\<^bsup>...\<^esup>...\<^esub> etc.

You can enter these nested sub/superscripts. Since x-symbol can only handle one-level sub/superscripts, it doesn't look nice in xemacs. That is, the subscripted text is displayed verbatim. One-level sub/superscripts are already just a hack, and unfortunately there's no hope of getting that done properly in the near future. Especially so, since x-symbol isn't maintained any more by its author.

When generating documents, you get the expected output, though.


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