Re: [isabelle] Installation Isabelle : help needed

nipkow at wrote:
There are also these warning about the mule-packages ( what is mule ???) that I receive when starting Isabelle /Xemacs :

There are two versions of xemacs, with and without mule (MUlti-Lingual
Emacs). When you install xemacs, you need to beware of this. Hence our
installation hint "with mule support". Without mule, you can get very strange
effects in ProofGeneral.

Also, your first error message means that the HOL image (i.e. the precompiled image with the HOL logic and all pre-proved theorems) is missing. Assuming that you are installing the Isabelle2005 release, make sure that you have downloaded and installes the image, which is a seperate download under "Precompiled logics". In fact, make sure that you exactly follow the installation instructions on the webpage, especially if it is the first time you install Isabelle.

If this doesn't help, please ask again with more information (your architecture/OS, which Isabelle version, which xemacs, what you did...)


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