Re: [isabelle] Isabelle Installation : help needed

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, Jean-Francois Molderez wrote:

> I have carefully read the installation instructions but HOL still does 
> not compile (see shell transcript below) My OS is Linux Mandriva x86-64 
> (Processor AMD Athlon 64) I suspect that nor Polyml neither SML NJ do 
> work on that platform . Is there a fix ?

The problem is that neither Poly/ML nor SML/XL support x86_64, although 
the existing 32bit executables seem to work reasonably well on many 64bit 
platforms.  The success rate can be increased by using the linux32 tool 
with --3gb option, wrapped around the basic poly driver.

Here is an experimental polyml-4.1.4 package that does the right thing 
both for 32bit and 64bit platforms:

This can be used as a replacement for the official 
polyml-4.1.4_x86-linux.tar.gz from our Isabelle download site.  The 
existing logic images should still work with this, so there is no point to 
try compiling your own logics.


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