Re: [isabelle] primrec on nested mutually-recursive datatype

Greg Bronevetsky wrote:
I'm trying to do use primrec to define a function that is applied to a nested mutually-recursive datatype. The relevant portion of the datatype definition is below:
 AppSrcStmt =
   skip |
   while PvtAddr "AppSrcOp list"
 AppSrcOp = opTriple "FuncMark * TypeMark * AppSrcStmt"

The primrec in question is a measure function on this datatype, defined as follows: [...]

Unfortunately, I get the following error: [...]

Dear Greg,

the problem is that not only the list datatype, but also the triple type
is unfolded (into two pair types). As a consequence, you need two more
size functions, one on type "FuncMark * TypeMark * AppSrcStmt" and one
on type "FuncMark * TypeMark * AppSrcStmt". The following definition should

  AppSrcStmtSize :: "AppSrcStmt => nat"
  AppSrcOpSize :: "AppSrcOp => nat"
  AppSrcOpListSize :: "(AppSrcOp list) => nat"
  AppSrcOpTripleSize :: "FuncMark * TypeMark * AppSrcStmt => nat"
  AppSrcOpPairSize :: "TypeMark * AppSrcStmt => nat"

 "AppSrcOpSize (opTriple asOp) = AppSrcOpTripleSize asOp"

 "AppSrcOpTripleSize (x, y) = AppSrcOpPairSize y"

 "AppSrcOpPairSize (x, y) = AppSrcStmtSize y"

 "AppSrcOpListSize [] = 0"
 "AppSrcOpListSize (asOp # opList) = (AppSrcOpSize asOp)"

 "AppSrcStmtSize skip = 1"
 "AppSrcStmtSize (while pv aW) = 1 + (AppSrcOpListSize aW)"

See also the theorems AppSrcStmt_AppSrcOp.size provided by the datatype
package, which follow a similar scheme.


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