[isabelle] TPHOLs 2007: Call for votes

TPHOLs 2007


It is a long-standing custom that the host (in year "n") of Theorem
Proving in Higher Order Logics (TPHOLs) helps select the host of
TPHOLs for year "n+1". However, TPHOLs is merging with IJCAR in 2006,
and so it was decided at the business meeting of TPHOLs 2005 that the
organizers of TPHOLs 2005 would organize the bidding for TPHOLs 2007.
There are two phases: solicitation of bids, and voting.

This message concerns the second phase. Two bids were received to
host TPHOLs 2007:

Klaus Schneider and Jens Brandt proposed a bid to host TPHOLs 2007 at
the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.
Bid web page: http://rsg.informatik.uni-kl.de/misc/bid-TPHOLs2007/

Carsten Schuerman proposed a bid to host TPHOLs 2007 at the IT
University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Bid web page: http://www.logosphere.org/tphols-2007/bid.html

Anyone who is seriously considering attending TPHOLs 2007 is entitled
to vote. The voting procedure employed will be Single Transferable
Vote, but in the present case of two bids this is equivalent to simply
voting for your preferred choice. To vote please send an email to
joe.hurd at comlab.ox.ac.uk in the following format:

Your preferred bid to host TPHOLs 2007

Your Name

Including your name is for the sole purpose of preventing ballot
stuffing: all votes will remain secret. The deadline for voting is
Friday 3 February 2006.

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