[isabelle] proof general hint


I just spent a bunch of time getting rid of menu/tool/scroll bars on all the
various proof general windows.  It's not easy, believe me!
Here's the lisp hacking that's involved. Though I imagine that not all of this
is necessary, it seems to do the trick.

;; tool/scroll bars
(set-specifier menubar-visible-p nil)
(set-specifier default-toolbar-visible-p nil)
(set-specifier vertical-scrollbar-visible-p nil)
(set-specifier horizontal-scrollbar-visible-p nil)
(set-specifier default-toolbar nil)
(setq default-menubar nil)
(set-menubar nil)
(setq proof-toolbar-enable nil)
(setq proof-toolbar-use-button-enablers nil)
(setq toolbar-visible-p nil)


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