Re: [isabelle] dependency graph on Cygwin

giamp at wrote:
Isabelle2005 seems to be working fine with SMLNJ and Cygwin/Windows. However, I
can't build the graph of theory dependencies.

$ isatool usedir -g true -d document HOL Myproofs
Running HOL-Myproofs ...
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: GraphBrowser/Console
Exception in thread "main" Error: /tmp/isabelle-giamp3680/session_graph.eps:
does not exist
Failed to produce pdf output

A Java VM is available under Cygwin. Can you help, thanks!

It seems that you need to run "make" in (Distribution)/lib/browser to generate the necessary Java classes.

This should not be necessary for the normal distribution. Are you running from CVS?


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