[isabelle] UITP'06: Call for Participation

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                  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

        User Interfaces for Theorem Provers, UITP 2006
              A satellite workshop of FLoC'06
           Seattle, USA, Monday August 21st 2006

              (The program is online now)

The   User  Interfaces for   Theorem   Provers workshop series  brings
together   researchers   interested    in  designing,  developing  and
evaluating interfaces for interactive proof  systems, such as  theorem
provers, formal method    tools,  and other  tools   manipulating  and
presenting mathematical formulas.

While the reasoning  capabilities  of interactive proof  systems  have
increased dramatically over the last years, the system interfaces have
often not enjoyed the same  attention as the proof engines themselves.
In many cases, interfaces remain  relatively basic and under-designed.
Initial studies by HCI  (Human-Computer Interaction) practitioners and
theorem-prover developers  working in collaboration have had promising
early results, but much remains to be investigated.

The User Interfaces for  Theorem  Provers workshop series provides   a
forum for researchers interested in  improving human interaction  with
proof systems.  We welcome  participation  and contributions from  the
theorem proving, formal methods  and tools, and HCI  communities, both
to  report on experience   with existing systems,  and  to discuss new

UITP 2006 is a one-day workshop to be held on Monday, August 21st 2006
in Seattle, USA, as a FLoC'06 workshop.

Program Committee

David Aspinall        (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Yves Bertot           (INRIA Sophia Antiplois, France)
Paul Cairns           (University College London, UK)
Ewen Denney           (NASA Ames Research Center, USA)
Christoph Lüth        (University of Bremen, Germany)
Michael Norrish       (NICTA, Australia)
Florina Piroi         (RISC Linz, Austria)
Aarne Ranta           (Chalmers University, Sweden)
Makarius M. M. Wenzel (Technical University Munich, Germany)

Organizers and PC Chairs

Serge Autexier        (DFKI, Germany)
Christoph Benzmüller  (Saarland University, Germany)

Christoph Benzmueller, Saarland University, www.ags.uni-sb.de/~chris

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