[isabelle] user trials of web interface to Isabelle, Take 2

After a longer-than-planned delay, the server for the user trials is back up, and the MathsTiles interface (aimed at students) is also available. NB: If you filled in the questionnaire, can I please ask you to fill it in again - the server had run out of disk space just before the first questionnaire submission so they had not been recorded. (Many humble apologies!). Emailed answers are also acceptable, if you no longer trust the HTML form.

Both proof interfaces are now available on

The system has been seen working on the latest versions of IE, Firefox, and Safari. (Testing on Safari was briefer than we'd have liked though). Java 5.0 is required.

The questions in the left column of the front page -- "Experiment for Isabelle Experts" -- use the Isar syntax itself. The questions in the right column of the front page -- "Experiment for Everybody" -- use MathsTiles, which is our way of trying to make proof-writing questions answerable by students. Please try both sets if you are willing!

Thank you very much for your interest and patience.
Will Billingsley

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