Re: [isabelle] polyml 4.2.0?

The 2005 release of Isabelle doesn't type-check with the 4.2 release of PolyML as some library things changed. However PolyML4.1.4 is the same as 4.2 with some small changes for backward compatibility. The CVS version of Isabelle builds fine with PolyML 4.2


C Y wrote:
Has anyone tried building Isabelle with the new 4.2.0 release of
polyml?  I was able to build with the binary provided on the Isabelle
website but using 4.2.0 doesn't seem to work at all - do I need some
support libs in polyml?

Sorry for such an elementary question - I'm looking at putting together
an ebuild for gentoo linux and matters would be somewhat simplified if
4.2.0 worked, since the license on that release is LGPL.

Cliff Yapp

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