Re: [isabelle] polyml 4.2.0?

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006, C Y wrote:

> > where everything was torn to bits and pieces -- doc  
> > into /usr/share/doc, src into /usr/src etc. -- 

> While I do not say that such reorganizations are never done arbitrarily, 
> there is normally a global operating system level organization policy 
> acting to dictate such locations.

Not quite so.  If you look at the Linux File System Standard, for example, 
it leaves the freedom for vendors to put everything in one place, such as 
/opt/my-application or /usr/local/my-application.  Then there is little 
need to do extra packaging, of course.

In contrast Isabelle does expect certain things in certain positions 
relative to its main directory (doc, src, lib, etc).  The idea is that an 
Isabelle installation is a single integral unit, not a collection of files 
floating through the global file system.

> > Also note that some users have several Isabelle/PolyML/ProofGeneral 
> > versions at the same time.
> Obviously, in a case such as that the packaging mechanisms are seldom 
> the best way to go.

So why bother at all? Why make simple things complicated anyway? With the 
present tar.gz collection even non-root users can install as many Isabelle 
versions in any place they wish.


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