Re: [isabelle] polyml 4.2.0?

--- Makarius <makarius at> wrote:

> On Thu, 22 Jun 2006, C Y wrote:
> > Has anyone tried building Isabelle with the new 4.2.0 release of
> > polyml?  I was able to build with the binary provided on the
> > Isabelle website but using 4.2.0 doesn't seem to work at all -
> > do I need some support libs in polyml?
> Note that the Isabelle website offers a build with 4.1.4, which
> is an internal downgraded version of 4.2.0.  See the included
> README of the polyml package for further details.  Please ignore the
> other 4.1.4 version on the source forge site of PolyML.

Ah!  OK, that makes sense.

> You can spend quite some time playing around with all these
> variants. We have found that it is most convenient for users
> just to download plain tar.gz files for Isabelle + PolyML +
> ProofGeneral, without system package managers getting in the way.

The main reason I was asking is I was hoping to provide ebuild files
for Gentoo Linux.  Gentoo is a bit uncommon in that the entire
distribution and all end user applications are normally built from
source.  Traditionally Gentoo usually does its best to stay out of the
way of software authors, insofar as this is consistent with maintaining
a sane environment.

Would there be objection to creating ebuild files for Isabelle, if the
ebuild instructed the person installing the software that they should 
not contact the Isabelle team with support issues related to the ebuild


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