[isabelle] CFP: SAVCBS'06 (Specification & Verification of Component-Based Systems)

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                             Call for Papers
       Workshop at ACM SIGSOFT 2006/FSE-14 November 10-11, 2006

The fifth workshop on specification and verification of component-based
systems is affiliated with ACM SIGSOFT 2006/FSE-14 and will be held in
Portland, Oregon, November 10-11, 2006. Papers are due August 15, 2006.


SAVCBS is focused on using formal (i.e., mathematical) techniques to
establish a foundation for the specification and verification of
component-based systems.  Suggested research topics of interest
include (but are not limited to):

  * Techniques for component-based verification or reasoning
  * Component-based specification languages
  * Static analysis of components and component compositions
  * Verification-oriented design methodologies for components
  * Dynamic checking techniques, including run-time assertion or
    property checking 
  * Specification and verification of non-functional component
    behavior (performance, memory, concurrency, etc.)
  * Unifying formal descriptions of concurrency properties with
    model-based behavioral descriptions of components
  * Balancing tradeoffs (automatic/manual verification,
    soundness/completeness, static/dynamic verification,
    testing/formal verification, scalability/coverage, etc.) 
  * Theories of component composition
  * Industrial experience, such as adoption issues, with formal
    techniques for component-based systems
  * Case studies of applying formal techniques to component based systems
  * Educational experience or tactics for formal approaches to
    component-based systems 

Submissions should outline the current state of research or practice,
describe the most pressing shortcomings, and formulate goals for
future development.


One session during the workshop will be devoted to presenting
solutions (full or partial) to a challenge problem. This problem will
present features that pose difficulties for current specification
technologies. The session will be open both to presenters as well as
participants of the workshop. Details on the challenge problem will be
posted on the SAVCBS web site. Solutions should illustrate innovative
features of specification or verification as they pertain to this
particular problem.


Submissions must not exceed 7 pages. We encourage, but do not require,
use of the ACM Conference format. We also suggest that you add page
numbers to your submission, to make adding comments easier. Papers
will be accepted in PDF or Postscript formats. The call for papers web
site ( http://www.cs.iastate.edu/SAVCBS/2006/call.shtml) will contain a
link to the submission site when it is available.


       Submission deadline: August 15, 2006
       Notification date: September 15, 2006
       Final versions: October 15, 2006


 * Jonathan Aldrich, chair (Carnegie Mellon)
 * Michael Barnett (Microsoft Research)
 * Patrice Chalin (Concordia University)
 * Robert Chatley (Kizoom, London)
 * David Coppit (The College of William and Mary)
 * Ivica Crnkovic (Maelardalen University)
 * Stephen Edwards (Virginia Tech)
 * Timothy J. Halloran (Air Force Institute of Technology)
 * Marieke Huisman (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
 * Joeseph Kiniry (University College Dublin)
 * Matthew Parkinson (Middlesex University)
 * Corina Pasareanu (QSS/NASA Ames Research Center)
 * Andreas Rausch (University of Kaiserslautern)
 * Robby (Kansas State)
 * Heinz Schmidt (Monash University)
 * Wolfram Schulte (Microsoft Research)
 * Natasha Sharygina (Lugano and Carnegie Mellon)
 * Tao Xie (North Carolina State)


 * Mike Barnett (Microsoft Research, USA)
 * Dimitra Giannakopoulou (RIACS/NASA Ames Research Center, USA)
 * Gary T. Leavens (Iowa State University, USA)
 * Natasha Sharygina (Lugano and Carnegie Mellon) 


See http://www.cs.iastate.edu/SAVCBS/ for more details

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