Re: [isabelle] the itself type constructor

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Michael Norrish wrote:

> Using the repository version of Isabelle, and working in HOL, I find I
> can't write
>    datatype 'a atyp_tag = aword "'a itself" | aptr_tt
> It gives me the strangest error too.

> *** Illegal type for constant "op =" :: 'a itself => 'a itself => bool
> *** At command "datatype".

The error is not as strange as it seems if your ask the type-inference 
about this situation:

  term "(x::'a itself) = x"

  *** Type unification failed: No way to get itself :: type
  *** Type error in application: Incompatible operand type
  *** Operator:  op = :: ??'a => ??'a => bool
  *** Operand:   x :: 'a itself

Which says that itself is not a HOL type.  It can be made one by issueing 
an (axiomatic) arity declaration.

Anyway, what is the motivation for using 'a itself within a datatype? Note
that the following version is already polymorphic in the same sense as 'a
itself would make it:

  datatype 'a atyp_tag = aword | aptr_tt
  term "aword :: bool atyp_tag"
  term "aword :: nat atyp_tag"
  term "aword :: 'a list atyp_tag"

Incidently, aptr_tt will depend on the type argument in the very same
manner!  There is no way to hide this dependency, which would essentially
be an existential type.


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