[isabelle] Post-doc positions at INRIA


INRIA proposes one-year post-doctoral positions for young
Phd graduates. Deadline for application is March 30th see

You may be interested in particular by subjects proposed by the 
following groups

Located in Saclay (Orsay) near Paris

Comete (C. Palamidessi)
	Tools for the specification and verification of probabilistic security protocols
LogiCal (G. Dowek, B. Werner)
	Structuration and development of the standard library of the Coq system

Parsifal (D. Miller)
	Reasoning about Logic Specifications

ProVal (C. Paulin)
	Trustworthy Decision Procedures
	Integration of interactive and automatic proof tools
	Certified Compilation of Scade/Lustre

or Located in Sophia-Antipolis

Everest (G. Barthe)
	Formal proofs of provable cryptography

Christine Paulin

  Christine Paulin-Mohring             mailto : Christine.Paulin at lri.fr
  LRI, UMR 8623 CNRS, Bat 490, Université Paris Sud,   91405 ORSAY Cedex 
  tel : (+33) (0)1 69 15 66 35         fax : (+33) (0)1 69 15 65 86

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