Re: [isabelle] Help on Nominal package

On Fri, 19 May 2006, Temesghen Kahsai wrote:

> I just start to use the new Nominal package. And I get the following 
> error when I try to execute one of the examples provided in the package.

Please ask at the nominal mailing list -- see

>   --------------------
>   *** Cyclic dependency of constants:
>   ***   "nominal.perm"
>   ----------------

>   Can somebody please give me a hint to solve this problem?

This is an effect of ongoing internal changes in the current Isabelle 
development snapshot.  Try to avoid using unofficial snapshots unless 
there are really urgent reasons.  In any case, the Isabelle NEWS file and 
CVS ChangeLog ( will provide 
some clues of what has been going on in Isabelle development recently.


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