[isabelle] Conditional interpretations?

Suppose I can prove

lemma f_locI: "p x ==> loc (f x)"

Is there any way to parley that into an interpretation?

Something like:

interpretation fl:
  assumes "p x"
  interprets loc ["f x"],

where fl.result is of the form "p x ==> R (f x)" for result (in loc) of the form "R y".

In a proof I can do

  assumes a1: "p x"
  shows "Q x"
proof -
  from f_locI [OF a1] interpret fl: loc ["f x"]

but the first form would be preferable.

Also, is there anyway the interpretation could leave its top goal as "loc (f x)"? Automatically applying the intro_classes analog is pretty annoying for locales (it might be more acceptable for axclasses!). It seems natural to me to do proofs about the locale predicate (sub-algebras, homomorphic images etc) and this convention makes unnecessarily awkward to use such results.

It would also be nice if the intro_locales method actually fully unwound all of the locale axioms for you, so that interpretation proofs were more like instance proofs.


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