[isabelle] Installing and using theories from the archive

Thanks for the responses from Florian and Jeremy on extending the 
library load path.

I am at present trying to decide how to reconcile my present web 
site build system with the Isabelle build system.

I would like any work I do with Isabelle to conform to the way of 
delivering contributions which is used in the isabelle archive 
but I don't understand well enough how this works.

Though there are detailed instructions on how to make a 
submission, I have found no instructions on how to install one.
The archive documentation encourages contributors to build on the 
contributions in the archive, but its not clear how to do that.

I don't have a problem building the contribs which I have 
downloaded, but I don't then see how to use them without 
inserting a site specific load path adjustment into my own 
theories. (and its not clear that that would work)

Can anyone explain this to me?

Roger Jones

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