Re: [isabelle] Isabelle and FreeBSD ports?

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006, Tim Newsham wrote:

> Does Isabelle have problems with new versions of XEmacs?

Yes, more precisely this is a matter of the ProofGeneral + XEmacs 
combination.  Recent versions of the stable branch of XEmacs 21.4.14-19 
should work, but many 21.5.x versions fail.

> Is this a deficiency of the FreeBSD port of Isabelle?

Maybe.  Experience shows that prepackaged OS packages for Isabelle + 
Poly/ML + ProofGeneral cause more problems then they are meant to solve in 
the first place.  It is a good idea to try the plain tar.gz archives from 
the Isabelle download site before venturing on ports, debs, rpms etc.

Unfortunately, XEmacs cannot be packaged as easily as the other 
components, so you may have to recompile it from the orginal sources 
(which works reasonably well if you just take all of XEmacs Mule + Sumo).


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