[isabelle] Fun in the Afternoon: Thurs 16th Nov in Oxford

Dear colleagues,

Graham Hutton and Conor McBride at Nottingham and I are organizing a termly
seminar "Fun in the Afternoon" on functional programming and related
topics. The idea is to have a small number of talks as an antidote to
mid-term blues, three afternoons a year. The hope is that talks will be
informal and fun, and that there will be plenty of scope for discussion and
chat as well. 

Fun in the Afternoon will be peripatetic. The first meeting will be in
Oxford University Computing Laboratory on Thursday 16th November, and Phil
Wadler of the University of Edinburgh will be opening proceedings. All are
welcome, but if you'd like to come, could you please drop me (Jeremy
Gibbons) a line so that I have an idea of numbers?

If you'd like to give a talk, please also propose a title and a duration.

We haven't yet fixed the timetable, because it depends in part on what
offers of talks we get. But our current plan is to have talks 14:00-14:45
and 15:30-17:00. Brings sandwiches to eat together beforehand, and join us
for drinks in a pub afterwards.

There's a webpage with more information at 


This page also explains how to subscribe to the mailing list, to which all
further announcements will be sent. Directions to OUCL are at


Jeremy, Graham and Conor

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