Re: [isabelle] Getting Isabelle Running with Xemacs

Dear Clint LeFort,
I too am a Mac user, and I had trouble getting Proof General working under XEmacs. However, I was able to get it working properly under the X11 version of Gnu Emacs 21.2.1. If you do get Isabelle working with XEmacs, I would be interested in the details. If you would like to try the Gnu Emacs version, I would be willing to give you a hand.
---Elsa L. Gunter (Elsa)

clinton lefort wrote:


I am a newbie to Isabelle. I am trying to run my first program, perhaps just an example file under Xemacs or I have a macintosh and have downloaded all the files I need to get running, but I have not been able to configure my files correctly. Could someone help me with this? Below is a configuration of my files.

/user/clintonlefort/Isabelle_26-Sep-2006 Folder/Isabelle_26-Sept-2006/ProofGeneral-3.5 Folder/ProofGeneral-3.5/bin/proofgeneral

1. Emacs is in Isabelle_26-Sep-2006 Folder and XEmacs is in Isabelle_26-Sep-2006 Folder

Thank you for any suggestions how I can better configure my system and get Isabelle to run. About a month ago I had it running, but misplaced the configuration I had.

Clint LeFort

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