[isabelle] Call for Papers: MIKES 2007

This workshop is more OS than theorem proving oriented, but it does welcome 
contributions on formal OS/microkernel verification.

Call for Papers: MIKES 2007

First International Workshop on MicroKernels for Embedded Systems

To be held on 16th of January 2007 Sydney, Australia, co-located with
LinuxConf Australia

Microkernels are experiencing an increased popularity in the field of
embedded systems, be it small devices with severe restrictions in
memory and CPU or powerful embedded systems making use of their
virtualisation capabilities. Despite a period of low popularity a
decade ago, there is a new realisation, in academia and industry, of
the usefulness of microkernels. The MIKES workshop will bring together
researchers and developers from industry and academia to discuss

    * emerging novel concepts,
    * analysis approaches, and
    * case studies

in the area of microkernels.

MIKES 2006 seeks papers that describe original research in the area of
microkernels. This includes but is not limited to:

    * case studies
    * real-time behaviour
    * temporal analysis
    * functional verification
    * portability
    * API proposals
    * security and safety

Papers describing new ideas, promising approaches, experiences with
practical systems are considered particularly appropriate. Submissions
should be 6 pages in IEEE conference paper format.

See the workshop website for submission details:

The material must be unpublished and not under submission
elsewhere. Proceedings will be published as a technical report (with
ISSN) by National ICT Australia http://nicta.com.au/.

    Submissions deadlines: October 21st
    Notification of acceptance: November 13th
    Camera ready papers: December 15th

    Gernot Heiser, NICTA/UNSW, Australia
    Stefan M. Petters, NICTA/UNSW, Australia
    Ihor Kuz, NICTA/UNSW, Australia

Program Commitee:
    Kevin Elphinstone, UNSW, Australia (Chair)
    Andrew Tannenbaum, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Gerwin Klein, NICTA/UNSW, Australia
    Hermann Haertig, TU Dresden, Germany
    Jonathan S. Shapiro, The Johns Hopkins University, USA
    Neil Audsley, University of York, UK
    Sebastian Schönberg, Intel, Hillsboro, USA
    Volkmar Uhlig, IBM Watson, USA

    Kevin Elphinstone
    kevine at cse.unsw.edu.au

    Ihor Kuz
    ihor.kuz at nicta.com.au

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