Re: [isabelle] LaTeX document

Francisco Jose CHAVES ALONSO wrote:

I need the TeX file generated by Isabelle, to extract some parts for
another document that I also generate with another command. "isatool make" delete the TeX generated file. It is possible to save it?

Hello Francisco,

in the IsaMakefile generated by isatool mkdir, there is a line of the form

USEDIR = $(ISATOOL) usedir -v true -i true -d pdf ## -D generated

If you remove the comment sign "##" before "-D generated", isatool make will
save the generated TeX files in the subdirectory MyTheories/generated, where
MyTheories is the subdirectory in which your theory files reside. You can
also replace "-d pdf" by "-d false" if you do not want isatool make to generate
a *.pdf file from the generated TeX files, e.g. because you want to generate
the *.pdf file yourself (after some postprocessing).


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