Re: [isabelle] build HOL and SUSE 10.2

paolot at wrote:
Just for record - in case anyone find the same. Compilation of Isabelle2005 HOL may fail with openSUSE 10.2. Apparently, the problem lays with the new kernel. In contrast, SUSE 10.0 with the original kernel gives no problem.


Started at Tue Apr  3 00:42:57 CEST 2007 (polyml-4.1.4_x86-linux on linux-m02e)

The latest PolyML 5.0 version, which you can download from

should also work with SUSE 10.2. In order to get it to work with Isabelle2005,
you have to install a patch available at

See also Markus Wenzel's message on this mailing list from January 9th, 2007.


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