[isabelle] Kurt Goedel Centenary Research Prize Fellowships

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one of the categories explicitly mentioned is "automated reasoning".



The Kurt Goedel Society is proud to announce the commencement of the
research fellowship prize program in honor of the celebration of Kurt
Goedel's 100th birthday.

The research fellowship prize program is sponsored by the John
Templeton Foundation and will offer:

 * two Ph.D. (pre-doctoral) fellowships of $60,000 US per annum for two years

 * two post-doctoral fellowships of $80,000 US per annum for two years and

 * one senior fellowship of $120,000 US per annum for one year based on an
   international open competition, resulting in the publication of research 
   papers in a special issue of a premier journal in mathematical logic.

The following International Board of Jurors will be in charge of
evaluating the applications:

Peter ACZEL, University of Manchester (GB)
Lev BEKLEMISHEV, Russian Academy of Sciences (RUS)
John BURGESS, Princeton University (USA)
Harvey FRIEDMAN, Ohio State University (USA) CHAIR
John HARRISON, Intel Corporation (USA)
Wilfried HODGES, Queen Mary University of London (GB)
Simon KOCHEN, Princeton University (USA)
Jan KRAJICEK, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (CZ)
Menachem MAGIDOR, Hebrew University (ISRAEL)
Dave MARKER, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
Michel PARIGOT, Universite Paris 7 (FRANCE)
Pavel PUDLAK, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (CZ)
Hilary PUTNAM, Harvard University (USA)
Jeff REMMEL,University of California at San Diego (USA)
John STEEL, University of California at Berkley (USA)
Frank STEPHAN, National University of Singapore (SINGAPORE)
Albert VISSER, University of Utrecht (NL)

Goal and Criteria of Merit

The purpose of these fellowships is to support original research in,
and areas surrounding, the foundations of mathematics. (See Scope
below for more details.) These fellowships are intended to carry
forward the legacy of Kurt Goedel, whose works exemplify deep insights
and breakthrough discoveries in mathematical logic, with profound
impact on the philosophy and foundations of mathematics. In pursuit of
similar insights and discoveries, we adopt the following criteria of
merit for evaluating Fellowship applications:

   1. Intellectual merit, scientific rigor and originality of the
   submitted paper and work plan. The paper and research plans should
   combine visionary thinking with academic and scientific excellence.

   2. Potential for significant contribution to basic fundamental
   issues of wide interest, and the likelihood for opening new,
   seminal lines of inquiry that bear on such issues.
   3. Impact of the Fellowship on the project and likelihood that the
   Fellowship will make the proposed new lines of research possible.

   4. The expectation that the proposed research will be successful.

   5. Qualifications of the applicants will be evaluated on the basis
   of all available information including CV, research paper, research
   plans, research accomplishments, and letters of recommendation
   (recommendation letters are not required for senior applications).


Original fellowship proposals in the areas of

    * model theory
    * proof theory
    * recursion theory
    * set theory
    * foundations of mathematics
    * philosophy of mathematics
    * foundations of computer science (related to logic)
    * automated reasoning (related to logic)
    * complexity (related to logic)

All fellowship proposals, regardless of subject area, will be judged
according to

    * the relevance and resemblance of the research (finished and
      proposed) to the great insights and originality of Kurt Goedel
    * its general interest and clarity of motivation
    * its rigorous scientific quality and depth.

Submission Instructions

The three categories of fellowships are specified as follows:

 * Ph.D.(pre-doctoral): being in the stage before finishing the thesis
   (or equivalent achievements) 
 * Post-doctoral: being in the stage within 10 years after finishing
   the thesis (or equivalent achievements) 
 * Senior: being in a later stage

The submission must consist of:

- one document A in PDF format containing
  . the CV
  . the project description
  . the recommendation letters
- one document B in PDF format containing the article
- one text abstract relating to B
Maximum allowed length of the abstract is 500 words.

Document A containing the CV, the project description, and the
recommendation letters must be prepared in the following way: -
- minimum font size: 10pt
- paper size: A4
- maximum length of the CV: 3 pages 
The CV must contain the list of all/most important publications.
The CV must clearly state to which category the application belongs.
- maximum length of project description: 4 pages
Project description should clearly state where and at which 
institution the applicant intends to carry out the project.
- minimum 2(two)/maximum 3 (three) 1-page recommendation letters,
in case of applications belonging to the categories Ph.D.
(pre-doctoral) and post-doctoral fellowships.
  (The recommendation letters should be scanned and included into the 
PDF document)

Document B containing the article to be published in Annals of Pure
and Applied Logic must be prepared according to the guidelines of the
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. Please see


for details. In a nutshell: Use LaTeX and elsart.cls. Maximum allowed
length of the article is twenty-five (25) pages in the prescribed

The submission must be in English.

The Advisory Board and the Program Chair reserve the right
. to consider only submissions with reasonable format
. to reassign a submission to another category as applied for.
The applicant will be informed about the reasons for such a
The submission software will be available online by the end of March.


December 1, 2006.*                  Pre-announcement
June 30, 2007.                      Submissions deadline
October 2007.                       Jury decision on the papers for publication (at most 20)
December 15, 2007.                  Final versions due
January 2008.                       Jury decision on winners due
February 2008.                      Award Ceremony
Mar.-Sept.2008.                     Commencement of the Fellowships


E-mail contact: goedel-fellowship at logic.at

* Date of the acceptance of Goedel's postdoctoral lecture qualification
  thesis in 1906.

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