Re: [isabelle] Isabelle Point Releases?

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, Thomas Bleher wrote:

> Isabelle 2005.1?

The next Isabelle release will be Isabelle2007.  By leaving out 
Isabelle2006 we have certainly created a number of problems, forcing some 
users of the testing-unstable path of unofficial Isabelle development 
snapshots.  A proper Isabelle2007 is to be expected within the next few 
months.  After that, we will try hard to get back to the old release 
scheme of 6-12 months between official versions.

> Background: A while ago I had trouble using full proof objects with AWE 
> and was advised to replace src/Pure/proofterm.ML with the development 
> version of that file. Now everything is working perfectly, but I can't 
> give my work to others easily, because they first have to rebuild 
> Isabelle.

What is the problem?  Just put this on your website an tell people how to 
use your system.  Building Isabelle is as easy as running Isabelle/build 
(assuming that the underlying ML system has worked at some point).


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