Re: [isabelle] help

[ Here's a copy of the email message I sent off list. Note the GNU Emacs/XEmacs switch in latest (development) versions. Also note use of EMACS= to avoid editing Makefile. - David ]

jwang (jwang) wrote:
    When Isabelle was run , the error
-"/usr/local/ProofGeneral/generic/proof-autoloads.elc was not compiled
in Emacs "was show.Why is it?

Q. Proof General fails to load with an error message on start-up:

error: "File `.../ProofGeneral/generic/proof-autoloads.elc' was
not compiled in Emacs"

What's wrong?

A. We distribute .elcs for GNU Emacs, so you will have to delete
them and (optionally) recompile for XEmacs. Using the Makefile:

Use 'make clean' to remove all .elc files.
Use 'make compile' to recompile .elc files.

Check that the Makefile sets EMACS to your Emacs executable
(or simply run 'make compile EMACS=emacs')

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