[isabelle] Unable to allocate immutable area (polyml-5.0).

Hi all,
I'm attempting to use a CVS version of Isabelle with polyml-5.0. When I try to start the Isabelle process from the command line ("isabelle" or "isabelle-process") Isabelle refuses to start and I get the following error: "Unable to allocate immutable area" (incidentally, I also get this error when trying to build the heaps, I'm currently using a heap built on another machine). Trying to start Isabelle from within PG also gives a similar error (this time preceded by a warning about locales, first line of error: "perl: Setting locale failed", then followed by warnings stating my locale is being set to the standard locale, ("C"), and finally the error about the immutable area).

I have tried to use polyml-4.2 (the version linked to on the Isabelle site) to build the HOL heap, but after a build time of over an hour and a quarter, I gave up. Clearly something is seriously wrong. For my purposes, I'd like to stick with the version of Isabelle that I'm trying to use. With this in mind, can anyone shed any light on the origin of the "unable to allocate immutable area" error, and what can be done to fix it? A quick Google search has turned up nothing of note.

Many thanks,
Dominic Mulligan.

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