Re: [isabelle] Isabelle Installation

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, JanuGerman wrote:

> I am stuck in Isabelle installation. I was using Isabelle from IsoMorph, 
> from quite time, but its too slow.

IIRC IsaMorph uses SML/NJ, which is a bit sluggish.  We get best results 
with Poly/ML, either the patched version version 4.1.4 (see or more recent 5.0 (see

> I tried Installing Isabelle many times, but always, got this error.
> The error is as follows: (1) (file-mode-spec/warning) Error in File mode 
> specification: Cannot open load file: "executable"

This is just one of the usual problems of getting Proof General work with 
a certain version of Emacs.  See for some further hints.  In 
particular, you should first try to get the basic isabelle-process 


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