[isabelle] novice (first year undergrad) learning time

How long do you reckon it would take a novice first year undergraduate (no significant programming or proving experience) to learn to use Isabelle/Isar well enough to complete induction or case proofs on the Fibonacci sequence? For example, homework questions like Prove that "fib(n + k + 1) = fib(k + 1) * fib(n + 1) + fib(k) * fib(n)"

I've found a few courses in Isabelle/HOL that seem to be aimed at the postgraduate/researcher level, in either 8 * 90 mins or 4*90 mins sessions, but I can't find much aimed at the first year level.

Sorry to ask a straw poll on the list, but there doesn't appear to be any literature on this, and I'd like to get a rough idea.


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